RTI 2.0

RTI in the Age of Standards

Featuring "The RTI guy" Pat Quinn

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RTI 2.0: RTI in the Age of Standards featuring "The RTI Guy" Pat Quinn!

A​bout the Seminar
The seminar contains three sessions.  

Each session is broken into smaller parts for easier viewing.  

Use the time between videos to discuss and process the information.  

Here is a list of the videos contained in each session:

Session 1
Part 1A - Introduction to the Seminar
Part 1B - Purpose of RTI
Part 1C - Steps of RTI
Part 1D - Two Great Models - Elementary

Part 1E - Two Great Models - Secondary

Session 2
Part 2A - Questions & Answers with Pat Quinn
Part 2B - Implementation Step 1 - Rationale
Part 2C - Implementation Step 2 - Routines
Part 2D - Implementation Step 3 - Resources

Part 2E - Finding the Time for Tier Two Interventions

Session 3
Part 3A - Tools and Technology

Part 3B - Reducing the Paperwork of RTI
Part 3C - Characteristics of Successful RTI Schools
Part 3D - Final Thoughts

This seminar is only for participants who have purchased access.  The videos and handouts are not to be shared, downloaded, posted, or used by anyone who has not purchased access to this seminar.